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Raise girls to be an ‘Easter woman’ amidst egg hunts and Easter bunnies, says American Heritage Girls founder (March 25)

Girl power through God’s power; American Heritage Girls founder redefines female empowerment (March 18)

As Girl Scouts abandon traditional faith roots, AHG remains dedicated to faith-centered scouting (March 11)

AHG celebrates girlhood through a partnership with Radiance Foundation for the new ‘She is She’ patch program (March 4)

How AHG Troops achieved over half a million service hours in 2023 (Feb 20)

AHG challenges and inspires girls with Harriet Tubman Award (Feb 12)

AHG champions single-sex scouting as Boy and Girl Scouts abandon troops for progressive ideologies (Feb 5)

AHG’s new alliance with Museum of the Bible provides exclusive access and membership for girls and their families (Jan 29)

AHG teaches girls the value of human life through its powerful Respect Life Patch and outreach programs (Jan 22)

As teen loneliness impacts millions of girls, AHG offers opportunities for purpose through community outreach (Jan 15)

AHG launches new ‘Raising Godly Girls’ podcast (Jan 8)

AHG teaches girls the value of life through thoughtful patch programs and valuable alliances (Jan 2)



AHG founder’s powerful autobiography launches on Amazon’s Audible (Dec 18)

AHG encourages girls to give to others for an ‘eternal impact’ (Dec 11)

Girl Scouts new racial equity training set to further indoctrinate children and adults alike, says AHG founder (Dec 4)

Moms in need find compassionate support and encouragement through unique AHG program (Nov 27)

AHG thanks God for inspiring nearly 30 years of faith, service and fun (Nov 20)

RGG Guide to Peace in Times of Global Conflict (Nov 13)

AHG honors American veterans through biblical programming and focus on volunteerism (Nov 6)

AHG’s New ‘Raising Godly Girls Guide to Peace in Times of Global Conflict’ (Oct 30)

AHG’s unique leadership program, G.R.I.T. with Grace, empowers girls to fight back against cultural onslaught (Oct 30)

Whether a girl is bullied or a bully herself, AHG stands firmly against ‘bullying of any sort’ (Oct 23)

AHG teaches girls compassion for all stages of life through The Respect Life Patch program (Oct 16)

AHG calls members to ‘faith over fear’ as mental health crisis grips the nation’s girls (Oct 9)

100923-AHG calls members to ‘faith over fear’ as mental health crisis grips the nation’s girls AHG joins nationwide ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ to empower girls to share their faith in any and every situation (Oct 2)

AHG provides Catholic programming to more than half of the dioceses nationwide (Sep 25)

AHG partners with The Radiance Foundation to celebrate life for National Day of Service (Sep 11)

As girls face a mental health crisis, AHG offers resources for concerned parents to combat fear with faith (Sep 5)

One-of-a-kind collaboration between AHG and Museum of the Bible offers new opportunities for spiritual development (Aug 28)

AHG members learn resiliency in a society afraid to fail (Aug 21)

Pencils and notebooks aren’t the only back-to-school prep girls need; AHG offers intentional, God-centered programming (Aug 14)

Girls learn the value of written letters and build meaningful relationships through AHG’s Pen Pal Program (Aug 7)

‘I didn’t abandon the Girl Scouts; the Girl Scouts abandoned me,’ says former GSUSA leader (July 31)

AHG promotes outdoor activities to encourage well-rounded, godly young women (July 24)

GSUSA indoctrinates girls with explicit LGBT patch; AHG offers age-appropriate programming (July 17)

Girl Scouts indoctrination camps; American Heritage Girls founder calls out GSUSA’s Camp Culture Code (July 12)

AHG proudly celebrates Fourth of July as it helps build America’s next generation of leaders (July 3)

AHG instills sanctity of life in girls, no matter the age or the stage (June 28)

AHG celebrates what makes femininity unique with tools to encourage biblical womanhood (June 19)

AHG announces ‘WOVEN’ as new 2023-2024 Program Theme (June 12)

Raising Godly Girls Guide to Biblical Worldview (June 5)

AHG supplements homeschooling with unique Christ-focused programming (May 30)

AHG teaches patriotism and respect for veterans through unique badge program (May 22)

Is the rise of AI the fall of real relationships? AHG founder espouses true comradery through unique programming (May 15)

As the world erases femininity, AHG celebrates the uniqueness of every girl (May 8)

Finding Christ in a crisis; AHG provides meaningful support during youth mental health catastrophe (May 1)

Girlhood is being erased on the altar of secular humanism, says AHG Founder Patti Garibay (April 24)

Unlike other scouting organizations, AHG is responsible and reverent toward God’s Earth (April 17)

AHG promotes outdoor activities to encourage well-rounded, godly young women (April 10)

AHG’s ‘Money Management’ Badge teaches girls how to utilize finances biblically (April 3)

AHG equips parents with guide to leading girls through modern anxieties such as isolation and fear (Mar 27)

AHG celebrates biblical femininity with ‘A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender and Identity’ (Mar 23)

Founded when Girl Scouts abandoned their faith in God, AHGs’ humble beginnings led to thousands of Troops nationwide (Mar 13)

AHG equips parents with powerful e-book in light of modern mental health crisis for today’s girls (Mar 6)

Girl power through God’s power; AHG founder redefines female empowerment (Feb 27)

AHG’s ‘Live it Out’ study and patch helps strengthen faith in an anti-Christian culture (Feb 21)

AHG empowers Troops to create their own meaningful, biblically based fundraising activities with approved partners (Feb 13)

AHG challenges and inspires girls with Harriet Tubman Award (Feb 6)

AHG’s faith-based curriculum lays groundwork for lifelong followers of Christ (Jan 30)

AHG proudly celebrates reaching a milestone with pinnacle Stars & Stripes Award (Jan 23)

AHG celebrates religious freedom as premier Christian scout-type organization (Jan 16)

AHG recognizes MLK Day with over 500,000 service hours (Jan 9)

AHG teaches girls to value life at any age or stage (Jan 3)

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