American Heritage Girls has over 20 years of proven experience serving as a girls’ ministry partner and complementing family and girls’ programs within churches and Christian schools across the country.

Charter Organizations serve a crucial role in the AHG Ministry, as they own and operate AHG Troops. Though volunteers implement the AHG Program, the Charter Organization is able to customize their AHG Troop to best accomplish their ministry goals.

Raising Godly Girls

American Heritage Girls equips girls with a space made specifically for them, with their physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional needs in mind. AHG’s all-girl environment and balanced program provides girls the opportunity to learn who they are and whose they are in Christ. Girls can enjoy new experiences, develop their skills and talents, and grow in their faith in a safe environment.

Raising Youth on a Biblical Foundation

AHG offers girls ages 5 to 18 the opportunity to embrace Christian values and become young women of integrity. The AHG Program is anchored in Christ and provides girls with a well-rounded experience to feel a stronger sense of confidence, grow in character and develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

Investing in Families

The AHG Program encourages churches to take the role of shepherding Troop Leadership, girls, and families through encouragement, spiritual guidance, and prayer. This influential role provides churches the opportunity to connect with Troop families that might be seeking a home church; thus, allowing them to point these families towards a path that will lead them to a restorative relationship with God.

While Charter Organizations provide the Christ-focused leadership, AHG will equip your new Troops with:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Valuable tools for selecting, equipping and retaining volunteers
  • Youth protection training and Background Checks for all registered Adult Members
  • Troop Coach offering ongoing support, encouragement and best practices
  • Online Training Platform
  • Online Troop Management and Program Resources
  • Easy-to-use Christ-centered, character-development curriculum
  • Access to quality uniforms, handbooks, and resources via the online store

Through a strong service program, AHG guides girls to follow Jesus’s command to “Love one another as I have loved you.” AHG also grows each girl to be a leader in her faith, giving her the strength to share her testimony with others.

Would your organization benefit from partnering with American Heritage Girls to build a girls’ ministry program?

Begin by asking some key questions:

  1. Is there a need for a program like this in our community?
  2. Are there girls in our community who need wholesome leadership and character development opportunities?
  3. Does our ministry agree to the AHG Statement of Faith?
  4. Are there caring, compassionate, and concerned individuals in our church, school, or community who would be excited to give of their time and talents and take leadership roles in an AHG Troop?

To bring the AHG Program to the girls in your community, complete this form and a Troop Development Coach will be in touch to offer encouragement and support.

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