Troop Costs

The AHG Program is a wonderful value, especially when you look at the cost of other youth activities. AHG is much more than an extra-curricular—it’s a ministry with the potential to impact generations to come!

  • Charter Fees:
    • The initial Charter fee is $325, with an annual renewal fee of $195.
    • Many Charter Organizations include the AHG Ministry in their children’s or women’s ministry budget lines. Other Troops choose to fundraise annually to cover these Charter Fees.
  • Individual Fees:
    • Annual Membership Fee ($40, or a Sister Cap of $105 for families with 3+ daughters registering)
    • Program Support fees (free for the first year of chartering, $20 per girl with a sister cap of $50 for families with 3+ daughters),
    • Cost of uniforms, handbooks, badges, and activities are typically covered through Troop dues, fundraisers, and donations.

Troop Meetings

AHG Troops have the flexibility to set the meeting time and calendar to meet the needs of the families involved, be it the meeting time, length of the Program Year or frequency. Troops also vary in size, some have as few as 12 to 15 girls and some are much larger. The average number of girls per Troop is about 35-40 girls.

Troop meetings usually break into Program Level, age-specific groups called Units for badge work or other activities. Troops are led by dedicated adult volunteers who facilitate the AHG Program while incorporating girls’ valuable input. By the time girls are Patriots, they are ready to be making decisions around Unit activities, badge work, and leading their Unit time.

Though each Troop has the flexibility to adjust their Troop meeting structure to meet the needs of its girls, most Troops follow a schedule similar to this:

Sample AHG Troop Meeting Schedule:

  • 6:45-7:00pm – Connecting/socializing during opening activity
  • 7:00-7:15pm – Flag Ceremony, prayer, and announcements as a whole Troop
  • 7:15-8:00pm – Break into age appropriate Units for badge work, outdoor activity, or service project
  • 8:00-8:15pm – Snack, cleanup, and closing prayer in individual Units or whole Troop

Troop Structure

In American Heritage Girls, girls ages 5 to 18 meet together as a single Troop at the same time. This allows a girl the social experience of interacting with friends and Godly mentors, as well as learning leadership through interacting with younger girls in a large-group setting.

Charter Organizations serve a crucial role in the AHG Ministry, as they own and operate AHG Troops. AHG Troops are chartered through a church, private school, or other non-profit organization that abides by the AHG Statement of Faith. Though volunteers implement the AHG Program, the Charter Organization is able to customize their AHG Troop to best accomplish their ministry goals. Charters have the opportunity to provide direction to the Troop by providing Christ-focused leadership, and guidance on program implementation.

The Charter Representative serves the vital role of liaison between the Charter and the Troop. The Charter Representative is selected by the senior leadership of the Charter and has the authority to speak on behalf of the Charter. The Charter Representative takes an active role in the Troop by approving volunteers, participating in Board meetings and providing communication between the Troop Board and Charter Organization.

The Troop Board is comprised of five dedicated volunteers: Charter representative, Troop Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Treasurer, and Shepherd. The Troop Board work together as a team to provide vision, make decisions, and lead the Troop.

Unit Leaders have the joy of working directly with the girls to implement faith service and fun! Unit Leaders implement the Program by planning Troop meetings, outdoor adventure, and other fun activities. As Unit Leaders work with girls, they have the unique opportunity to mentor and share the love of Christ with each girl.

"AHG is an excellent program which my daughter enjoys so much. I cherish the time spent helping her earn badges, attending camporees and I am so proud to see her participating in service projects benefiting our community."

Josh F., AHG Dad

Bring AHG to Your Community

If you are passionate about transforming the lives of girls for Christ and offering them a unique, girl-focused, Christ-centered character development program, then AHG is excited to partner with you!