The American Heritage Girls Program enables your daughter to grow in her FAITH, cultivate a heart for SERVICE and have more FUN than she can imagine!

When involved in an AHG Troop, girls develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually through the support and encouragement of other fun-loving girls and engaging AHG Leaders and Mentors. Troops participate in badge work, service projects, leadership opportunities, social, and outdoor experiences that are unique to a female audience, all with an emphasis on Christian values and family involvement.

Bringing an AHG Troop to Your Community

If you are passionate about transforming the lives of girls and offering them a unique, girl-focused program, AHG is excited to partner with you! AHG Staff and volunteers across the country will come alongside you to offer the resources and encouragement needed to bring an AHG Troop to your community. There are three main requirements for starting an AHG Troop:

American Heritage Girls is designed to celebrate girlhood in every way! The ministry exists to guide a girl towards becoming a woman of integrity in her own way through exploring life skills, faith, and service. If this stirs your heart toward action, there are girls across the country waiting to experience the faith, service, and FUN that is AHG!

Every AHG Troop belongs to a local ministry organization called a Charter Organization. Charter Organizations can be churches; parochial and Christian schools; or other faith-based non-profit groups. If you have a potential Charter Organization in mind, AHG Staff and volunteers will help equip you to approach this organization and discuss the many benefits of making American Heritage Girls part of their ministry to Christian girls, families, and their community.

Want to grow your ministry through American Heritage Girls? Learn what it takes to become a Charter Organization here.

It takes just five dedicated volunteers to charter a Troop and likely you already know a handful of local adults committed to raising the next generation of Godly girls. An AHG Troop Board consists of five adults: a Charter Representative, Troop Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Troop Treasurer, and Troop Shepherd. AHG Staff and volunteers are excited to provide resources and direction for recruiting the right adults. Your Charter Organization Representative will provide guidance and wisdom in approving these key volunteers.

"American Heritage Girls gives us peace of mind; pro-girl, pro-woman, pro-life, pro-God, pro-Jesus. Walking the road less traveled & it makes all the difference. My daughter is proud to be in AHG. I love working with ladies with the same core values!"

– Christina G., AHG Mom – 

Ready to get started?

If your family is ready to bring the AHG Program to your area, complete the form by clicking the button below to connect with an American Heritage Girls Troop Development Coach. Our coaches can answer questions and provide resources for your journey toward starting an AHG Troop in your community!

Structure & Costs

AHG Troop costs can come from a variety of sources. Learn all about the fees involved and our family-friendly multi-level structure.

Volunteer Support

The AHG Ministry would not be possible without its dedicated volunteers. There are many ways you can help build women of integrity in your community.