Introducing Raising Godly Girls Minute

with Patti Garibay
A one-minute daily radio feature giving parents the advice, resources, and guidance they need to raise a girl after God’s own heart in today’s culture!

Raising Godly Girls® is offered as a public service to Christian radio stations nationwide. RGG is designed to share parenting advice through a biblical lens from Patti Garibay, American Heritage Girls Inc.’s savvy CEO and mother of four/grandmother of eleven.

Never has there been a more difficult time to be a Christian parent in America than today. American Heritage Girls is equipping families and faith communities with the tools, resources, and all-girl-environment necessary to foster the next generation of Christian leaders.

To some parents—many of whom are part of your listening audience— raising a girl after God’s own heart seems like an impossible task. It’s no secret that girls today are taught and expected to be so much—all in the name of ‘girl power’ and ‘feminism’.

Can you imagine the sort of pressure they must feel? The need for Godly parenting is higher than ever before—and your audience is desperately seeking expert guidance.

As Christian voices and thought-leaders, it is our duty to the next generation of believers to equip and educate parents on how to navigate this post-Christian culture. Patti Garibay and American Heritage Girls have spent nearly thirty years working with thousands of girls, their families, churches, and communities across the country.

Raising Godly Girls includes scripture-based teachings and applicable advice on how to navigate Christian parenting on topics affecting girls in this post-Christian culture we live in today.

√Confidence                                            √Feminine Identity                                    √Depression

√Anxiety                                                  √Body Image                                             √Bullying

See a sample list of feature topics here:  RGG Radio Feature Topics List.

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The program listing is as follows:

AHGI Raising Godly Girls (M-F, 1:00)


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