Introducing: The Raising Godly Girls Podcast


Are other parents struggling with this? 
Is my daughter the only one experiencing this? 
What does the Bible say about this cultural moment? 
How can my AHG Troop meet girls right where they are?


Have you ever shared in any of those concerns before? (Or how about all of them?) Good news, you’re not alone. The Raising Godly Girls Podcast is here to equip, affirm, and strengthen you in the journey to build women of integrity!

For nearly 30 years, American Heritage Girls has come alongside families in offering Christ-centered, girl-focused character development. Troops have experienced mentorship, coaching, and prayerful support through interactions with High Impact Volunteers, Area Teams, and Staff Members. Through the Raising Godly Girls Podcast, presented by American Heritage Girls, listeners get to tap into the advice that seasoned AHG leaders have gleaned over three decades of ministering to girls. Get timely, Biblically-sound, and actionable tips from fellow moms, Troop volunteers, and thought leaders on how to raise up a girl after God’s own heart.

Tune into the Raising Godly Girls Podcast, AVAILABLE 1/1/24, anywhere you listen to podcasts (including Spotify, Amazon Music/Audible, and Apple Podcasts) or stream here on New episodes will air every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Subscribe to the show so you don’t miss a single update!

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2 responses to “Introducing: The Raising Godly Girls Podcast

  1. I’m ready. I really need this. I am a step parent trying to guide my step daughter. It is challenging. I believe this will help. Thank you.

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