Leading with integrity and humility

The Stars & Stripes Award teaches girls perseverance, self-respect, and a strong feeling of satisfaction. The goal of the Stars & Stripes Award is the experience and the realization of the servant’s heart that is needed to lead with integrity and humility. The award procedure and project bless a candidate’s community and develop her skills in organization, communication, time management, and project management.


In addition to badge work, references, and personal reflection, Stars & Stripes Award Candidates complete a substantial service project, which they plan, lead, and implement. Girls pursuing this award are given the opportunity to exercise servant leadership, project management, communication skills, time management, and organization while blessing their communities in truly amazing ways. Through the process of earning the Stars & Stripes Award, candidates gain a first-hand understanding of the servant’s heart required to lead with integrity and humility, preparing girls for responsibility as they transition to adulthood.stars-stripes-ahg

To be considered for Stars & Stripes Award Candidacy, a girl must have completed her Abigail Adams Level Award, and be more than six months away from her 18th birthday.


“American Heritage Girls has made an incredible impact in my life. It has made me into a woman of God, given me lifelong friends and has taught me new skills from camping to sewing a quilt. AHG has made me a leader, a public speaker, and an ambassador for Christ. I would not trade my twelve years of memories and character building in American Heritage Girls for anything. It means everything to me to not only complete my years in AHG with this last and highest honor, but to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a Stars & Stripes Award Recipient. One of my favorite verses, that describes my Stars & Stripes Award journey the best is Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'”
– Mary, Stars & Stripes Recipient from Virginia

A message from AHG Founder & Executive Director, Patti Garibay, on the Stars & Stripes Award:


If you are a parent, Adult Member, or Girl Member seeking more information about how to start the Stars & Stripes Award process, check out all the valuable information found on AHGresource (keyword search Stars & Stripes).

Stars & Stripes Salute

The Stars & Stripes Salute publication celebrates the American Heritage Girls Stars & Stripes Award Recipients of each Program Year. Inside these pages are inspiring examples of selfless community service, stories of American Heritage Girls growing in faith, and insightful advice from volunteers who have guided countless girls through the award procedure.

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