The Weight of Our Words

Thanks to the power of social media, we can voice our beliefs, opinions, and interests for the world to hear. But does your daughter recognize the weight of her words is so much heavier when they live online?

Before the internet, we learned the majority of our knowledge from the words of authors, reporters, teachers, and clergy. These individuals had to work toward earning a voice by way of a book, news desk, classroom, or pulpit. Today, we are bombarded with the words of every person on the planet. While our words can seem insignificant in the vast web, it’s important to remind your daughter that what she writes online lives there forever.

Next time she logs in online or answers a text, remind her that positivity and truth should always prevail. And remember: she learns by watching others do, so make sure your next Facebook post is held to the same Godly standard.

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:


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