Boys and Girls are Different (and That’s Okay!)

When’s the last time your daughter was surrounded by the company of just girls? For some, it almost never happens! Maybe she has brothers, boys in her school classes, or boys on her gymnastics team—whatever her scenario, it’s important to realize that time spent surrounded by just other girls is crucial in your daughter’s development.

By participating in programs created around their specific needs in a space where they are the sole focus, girls are able to thrive. Just as girls-only schools are found to improve the quality of girl performance, both academically and socially, girl-centric programming gives girls the opportunity to grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

Put simply, boys and girls are different. When we focus on the needs of our daughters, and give them the attention in the way that best suits their needs, they thrive. So say it with me: ‘no boys allowed!’ at least every once in a while…

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:


2 responses to “Boys and Girls are Different (and That’s Okay!)

  1. My daughter was in American Heritage Girls when she was a little younger and it was wonderful. Now she is going back as a sixth grader and very excited because she knows all of the amazing things she will learn, badges to be earned, friends she will make, trips they will take, their volunteering opportunities to serve others in the community and so much more. Our christian leaders are amazing too, and bonding with them and the other parents makes the groups feel like family. These skills learned, experiences, memories made and the examples set forth for our daughters is immeasurable. And it’s all done in the name of Jesus. Thank you AHG!

  2. as an AHG i love being in the church and being some were diffrint. in my opinoun AHG is fun, encourging, and very diffrint. and i like diffrint. so thank you AHG teachers for being there to support us kids!❤?????

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