10 Ways to Make This Easter the Most Meaningful Yet

Families across the world will be celebrating the Easter season from home this year. While we know that Christ is always with us, some of us may need to look for ways to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and our hope in Him a little differently on this year’s significant Resurrection Sunday. You play a part in shaping your daughter’s memory of this difficult time—make it one of hope and togetherness. Stuck on where to start? Check out this list for a few of our favorite ideas to make this Easter the most meaningful and memorable ever.

1. Study Scripture together. Reading the account of Jesus’ death and resurrection with your family is an obvious choice. Does your church have a Scripture reading plan for Easter Week? If not, here are the verse references in each of the Gospels: Matthew Chapter 21 (Palm Sunday) and Chapters 26-28; Mark Chapter 11 (Palm Sunday) and Chapters 14-16; Luke Chapter 19 (Palm Sunday) and Chapters 22-24; and John Chapter 12 (Palm Sunday) and Chapters 18-20. Keep reading through John 21 for more stories of what Jesus did after his Resurrection.

Encourage your older girls (AHG Pioneer or Patriot Level) to make a study of the different accounts of Easter in the four Gospels. What are the similarities and the differences? What special characteristics does each account have, and which details would we miss if we only had one account? Which account seems most interesting or meaningful to them?

2. Get crafty. Make palms for Palm Sunday! What do you have around the house that you could make palms with? Construction paper? Newspaper? And what do palms look like? Find pictures and figure out how to recreate them! This is a great chance to talk to your child about the events of Palm Sunday. What does the word “hosanna” even mean? (Hint: https://www.biblestudytools.com/bible-study/topical-studies/what-does-hosanna-mean.html )

3. Take to the kitchen. There are oodles of Easter-themed baked goods from which to choose! Empty Tomb Cakes, Resurrection Rolls, and Hot Cross Buns are some of our favorites. Let your children use their creativity to figure out how to decorate their treats, and enjoy the sweet time together in the kitchen.

4. Make a playlist. Psalm 147:1, NIV tells us: “How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!” Task each member of your family with choosing his or her favorite worship song to create a playlist. Come Easter morning, turn up the volume and have a sing-a-long praise fest together!

5. Start a garden or flower pot. Planting something and watching it grow is something to look forward to every day, and builds our hope. Look through bulbs and seeds sales online to see what your family might want to plant. Vegetables? Fruit? Flowers? Herbs? The possibilities are endless, and gardening is a wonderful way to grow girls who are Helpful, Perseverant, Responsible, and Resourceful.

6. Reinvent Sunday School. Use Resurrection Eggs to teach the story of Easter to your younger children! Resurrection eggs are a set of plastic Easter eggs that each have a little symbol inside that tells part of the story of Christ’s death and resurrection. If you don’t have time to order a set, go on a family scavenger hunt! What can you find around the house to fill your eggs? (If you’re really stuck, a quick internet search on “Resurrection Eggs” will give you plenty of ideas.)

7. Decorate your house or yard. What do you have that you can use to decorate for Easter? Can you use your Christmas lights to decorate for Easter? Hang Easter eggs from your tree branches? Use window paint on your windows or chalk on your driveway? Hang colorful paper chains? Get the whole family outside with a project you can work on together!

8. Start a family Prayer Book or Prayer Jar. As a family, write your prayer requests on pieces of paper and put them in a jar, or write them down in a book. Once a month, go back through your prayers as a family and praise God for the ways that he has answered them. Throughout the Bible, we see that remembering the miracles God has performed and the prayers He has answered renews the strength, hope, and courage of His people.

9. Seek out signs of spring. If possible, go for an Easter morning walk through the neighborhood or a hike in the woods and look for signs of spring! How many can you spot? Some regions of the country are just starting to bud out, while others are in full bloom. Do you have a family member or friend you’re missing who you could send pictures to or video chat with? Exercise helps lift the spirit and burns some of that cooped-up energy!

10. Watch some Easter videos on Right Now Media. There’s something for every age group. Run a search on the keyword “Easter” to see everything that’s available, but here are our favorites:


How are you planning to make this day special and meaningful for your family? Leave a comment below!


6 responses to “10 Ways to Make This Easter the Most Meaningful Yet

  1. Great ideas! Thank you for posting them! A friend and I were discussing how Easter seems to takes a backseat to Christmas they should both be equally celebrated with lots of Joy and Excitement!

    1. Christine, All AHG families are given free access to Right Now Media! Check your emails from the past few weeks, as AHG has sent the registration link out several times. Hope you are able to log in and start watching together soon!

  2. If you can not find the email with the link to join Right Now Media contact one of your Troop Board members. If they don’t have the link they can contact their Troop Coach at AHG, Inc. and they can resend it to you again. ❤

  3. How do I access the “right now media at work” videos. It is requiring a membership or email/password to hear

    1. Julie, All AHG families are able to join Right Now Media for free with their membership. Check your email over the past few weeks, we’ve sent a few invitations. Or, connect with a member of your Troop’s leadership team to gain access! Happy watching!

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