A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender & Identity


A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender & Identity


Girls today are growing up in a cloud of confusion around their gender and identity. This guide mentioned and shared by Focus on the Family gives you the knowledge, tools, and Scripture-based advice to speak truth on gender and identity and, in turn, raise up a Godly girl. If you parent, educate, minister to, or ever interact with girls, this resource is for you!  Download this Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender & Identity presented by American Heritage Girls, the premier character and leadership development program for girls ages 5 to 18.

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Can’t wait to dive in?
Enjoy an excerpt from the e-book, a letter from American Heritage Girls Founder & Executive Director and host of the Raising Godly Girls Minute, Patti Garibay:


Dear reader,

God-given femininity. The very concept seems to ignite a powder keg of emotions. For centuries, the beauty of God-given femininity has been under attack, its definition debated, and its behavior contested. Secular humanism has attempted to destroy the beautiful model of femininity and transform it into an equal model to masculinity. And today, it has gone one step further to claim an embrace of non-binary sexual identity.

With all this confusion within society for such a long time, it is no wonder that this debate has filtered down to the youngest members of society–our children. This is no coincidence. Sin is like that. Satan is in for the long haul, and he delights in man’s refusal of the Godly gifts our Maker has bestowed upon us. As Christians, we must engage in this debate and end it once and for all, at least in our minds. Despite what society is saying, what media is portraying, and influencers are engaging, Scripture is clear: there is a difference between male and female, and it is worth celebrating!

Often, a woman determines her level of femininity by her personality and proclivity to certain behaviors. My sister often stated, “I am a tomboy.” She loved horses and the outdoors. She cared less about makeup and dolls and more about biology and mechanics. Today she wonders if, due to cultural pressures, she would be encouraged to release her femininity and embrace a more masculine stereotype. Despite her love for “tomboyish” hobbies and interests, she also exhibited very feminine traits and behaviors. These included the very behaviors that are clearly defined in Scripture as to the true nature of a woman: relational, nurturing, vulnerable, a love for beauty, and a desire to respond.

This is what defines a woman of God. The well-known verses of Proverbs 31 speak to the woman who manifests her God-given femininity through her character. The verses claim this type of character is difficult to find but when found, her worth is far above jewels. This woman is trusted by her husband, and she supports his work. Later in the Scripture, the Lord promises that because of her relational, caring nature, her children will rise up and bless her.

God-given femininity requires no debate. It is a gift that, when freely accepted, will bless a woman throughout her life whether she wears heels and loves shopping or whether she serves the hungry in her jeans and comfy t-shirt.
It is my prayer that every girl learns that she is beautifully and wonderfully made. Through her unique gifts and personality, may she embrace her femininity to become a Christ-following servant leader who is honoring, relational, anchored in Christ, and competent: a woman of integrity.
Consider sharing Proverbs 31 with your precious daughter. And please enjoy this necessary and thought-provoking Raising Godly Girls Guide…for a time such as this.

Serving Him,

Patti Garibay
Founder & Executive Director of American Heritage Girls
Host of the Raising Godly Girls Minute





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