COVID-19 has changed the way we do everyday life. So, AHG is bringing you creative ideas, suggestions, and workarounds to start the 2020-2021 Program Year strong.

Friendship isn’t canceled.

Discipleship isn’t canceled.

Outdoor Adventure isn’t canceled.

Serving Others isn’t canceled.

Fun isn’t canceled.


Virtual Troop Tips

Click below for some great tips and ideas on how your Troop can stay connected in the midst of these unprecedented times.

Virtual Conferencing is a great tool to use. A few platforms that are currently offering paid and/or FREE versions are Google Hangouts, Slack, Wire, and Microsoft Teams. These platforms offer your Troop a virtual room to host meetings. You might even consider gathering for a virtual dance party, worship session, craft party, or to work on a badge as a Troop. Plus, by attending just ONE virtual meeting, girls can receive the NEW AHG Virtual Meeting Patch! Troops can purchase this patch on the AHGstore in the next few weeks.

Once you are ready to go, you can use this Troop Meeting Breakdown as a roadmap for your virtual conferencing call.

Whether your Troop is working on badges together or individually, AHG created a list of badges that are social-distancing-friendly! Be sure to check out the list of at-home badge work here, and be on the lookout for more information about a NEW badge that will be released this month!

If you’re assigning badges as a Troop, consider planning a virtual meeting to explain badge requirements or sending an email/video with instructions. You could even plan for each Unit to work on the badges together via virtual meetings!

Utilize your Troop Jump as much as possible! Add resources, upload videos, and post Pinterest pins to support your Members with their badge work. You can even have girls submit their badge work for approval via your Troop Jump.

In this time of transition to working on badges from home, consider how your Troop can be resourceful in completing badge requirements. For example, the requirement to interview an expert may turn into an interview via phone or email, rather than in person.

Here are some ideas of how to remain connected while practicing social-distancing:

  1. Letters: With a parent’s permission, Unit Members can share addresses, so girls can write letters and other fun mail. Troop Leaders might consider writing their girls letters of encouragement and filling the envelope with stickers, seeds to plant, or coloring sheets.
  2. The Jump: AHG Members can utilize The Jump for FREE. This is a great place to share resources and communicate with the AHG Community, your Troop’s State, and your own Troop!
  3. The Jump Live: AHG Members could do a live scripture or devotional reading within their Troop Jump. Consider devotionals from @BibleBelles and @HeartofWomanhood or a resource from Right Now Media.
  4. Prayer: Ask your Troop families to come together for virtual prayer at a certain time each day or week to build community and bless one another.

AHG is so excited to hear the ways Troops have been resourceful in recognizing their girls and volunteers. Here are a few examples of what other Troops have been doing:

  1. Virtual Ceremony: Just as you would have an in-person ceremony, girls dress in their Class A Uniform and volunteers dress in their uniform to attend a virtual End-of-Year (EOY) Ceremony! Girls can decorate the room they will be in for the ceremony and make fun snacks to celebrate and share with their family. Virtual Ceremonies are still a great opportunity for girls to practice their leadership skills. After the ceremony is over, you can mail girls their badges and awards.
  2. Drive-In Ceremony: Your Troop can plan a date to park their cars in a common location (maybe your Charter Organization’s parking lot) for their EOY Ceremony. One leader could announce the awardees from outside of his/her car with a microphone or megaphone for all to hear!
  3. Postponed Ceremony: If your Troop is looking to host an in-person EOY Ceremony, the ceremony could be postponed until it is safe to come together again.

Isolation doesn't have to be lonely! American Heritage Girls are finding new ways to work together. (Like Emma and Kaylee of IA2016 who continued fulfilling requirements for the World Heritage Badge together virtually). Do you have quarantined Troop stories and photos to share?
Submit them to AHG at

Helpful Resources

As a member of American Heritage Girls, you have a collection of helpful resources at your fingertips, ready to guide you, your family, and your Troop through these uncertain times.

Raising Godly Girls Blog

Visit the Raising Godly Girls Blog for tips on how to help your girl navigate anxiety, loneliness, and fear.

The Jump

The Jump is a social platform that provides opportunities for authentic community in a safe environment.

Right Now Media

Every AHG Member is given free access to Right Now Media’s extensive streaming library. Connect with your Troop Coordinator for sign-up info.

AHGstore Free Shipping

Badge & Award Orders $150+ ship FREE now through 4/30/20, PLUS free shipping* on orders $100+ in May. *Exclusions apply, visit the AHGstore for full promotion details.

Stay Connected.

Even when you are social distancing, try to stay in-touch with your AHG Community as much as possible. Connect with your Troop or Unit by writing letters or sending pictures through a temporary Troop pen pal program. Call a friend, Troop Member, or trusted mentor. Encourage them and be encouraged!

And remember: Adults need to stay connected, too! Volunteers are encouraged to stay connected and support each other during this time. Share ideas, resources, prayers, and devotionals.