Raising Godly Girls Podcast Episode 083 — Praying for America with Your Daughter on the 4th of July

Raising Godly Girls Podcast
Episode 083

Praying for America with Your Daughter on the 4th of July 

Join hosts Rachael and Melissa in this special Independence Day episode of the Raising Godly Girls Podcast, presented by American Heritage Girls. In Episode 083, “Praying for America with Your Daughter on the 4th of July,” Rachael and Melissa explore the importance of guiding your daughter in understanding her dual citizenship as both a follower of Christ and an American citizen. 

On this 4th of July, the episode reflects on various American traditions, from military parades to patriotic songs like “God Bless the U.S.A.” Rachael and Melissa share personal reflections on what makes them proud to be Americans and discuss the complexities and challenges our nation faces today. They emphasize the importance of prayer in addressing these challenges, encouraging listeners to intercede for the nation and its leaders. 

Drawing from American Heritage Girls’ “Free to Honor Patch Program,” the hosts discuss how to instill a sense of Godly patriotism in girls. This includes understanding America’s history, recognizing God’s hand in its development, and praying for its future. AHG Founder & Executive Director Patti Garibay offers insights on teaching girls about patriotism, highlighting the need to know and love the nation’s history while praying for its continued growth and guidance. 

Melissa reflects on the power of intercessory prayer, sharing Biblical insights and practical tips for praying with your daughter. She encourages parents to find moments amidst the celebrations to pray for the nation, emphasizing gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy and the importance of seeking God’s guidance for the future. 

Tune in to this episode to learn how to engage in meaningful conversations with your daughter about patriotism, faith, and prayer. Celebrate Independence Day by fostering a deeper understanding of what it means to love and pray for our country. 

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