Raising Godly Girls Podcast Episode 082 — Understanding Godly Patriotism Ahead of Independence Day

Raising Godly Girls Podcast
Episode 082

Understanding Godly Patriotism Ahead of Independence Day  

Join hosts Rachael and Melissa in this special Independence Day episode of the Raising Godly Girls Podcast, presented by American Heritage Girls. In Episode 082, “Understanding Godly Patriotism Ahead of Independence Day,” Rachael and Melissa delve into what it means to raise Godly girls who understand and appreciate their dual citizenship as followers of Christ and citizens of their nation. 

As we celebrate Independence Day, the episode explores how different traditions across the country, from lobster feasts in Maine to country concerts in Nashville, reflect our diverse national heritage. Rachael and Melissa share their own family plans for the holiday, emphasizing the joy and community spirit of the occasion. 

Drawing from American Heritage Girls’ rich resources, including the “Free to Honor Patch Program,” the hosts discuss how to instill a sense of Godly patriotism in girls. This includes teaching them to appreciate their country’s history, recognize God’s hand in its development, and understand their role as Christ-followers within their nation. The episode features insights from AHG Founder & Executive Director Patti Garibay on balancing love for God and country, and how to guide girls in understanding their place as Godly citizens. 

Melissa reflects on the cyclical nature of God’s protection and guidance, drawing parallels between Biblical events, American history, and personal experiences. The conversation encourages parents to talk with their daughters about the significance of patriotism and discipleship coexisting, helping them navigate their feelings about national pride and Christian identity. 

Tune in to this enriching episode and learn how to engage in meaningful conversations with your daughters about patriotism, faith, and their roles in society. 

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