A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Resilience


A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Resilience


I’m terrible, I should just quit.
I have to be the best, no matter the cost.
God loves me more when I’m perfect.
I’m so burnt out.

Sound familiar? Christian parents, particularly those raising daughters, grapple with the challenge of nurturing resilience amidst the cultural pressure of perfectionism and fear of failure. The Raising Godly Girls Guide to Resilience offers practical solutions and Biblical wisdom to counteract these harmful beliefs in girls, fostering a deep understanding of God’s unconditional love and grace. Discover Scripture-backed ways to navigate these complexities and feel supported as you set out to raise resilient, Godly girls. Download the Raising Godly Girls Guide to Resilience to build up Godly grit, perseverance, and mental wellness in your girl.


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Can’t wait to dive in?
Enjoy an excerpt from the e-book, a letter from Patti Garibay, American Heritage Girls Founder & Executive Director & host of the Raising Godly Girls Minute and Raising Godly Girls Podcast:


Dear reader,

Grit. Moxie. Toughness. Whatever you call it, part of helping grow a Godly girl into a woman of integrity is establishing resilience.
Resiliency is a popular word in parenting circles. In my nearly 30 years of ministering to girls, I’ve talked a lot about raising resilient girls to become strong women (and I like to think I did just that in raising my three daughters). Raising Godly Girls is here to equip families as they raise up relational girls who invest in positive and loving relationships with others and cling to Christ when navigating emotions.
Have you ever seen the hilarious tweets tagged with the hashtag #ReasonsMyKidIsCrying? Parents share things like “She says her ice cream is too cold” and “I won’t let him play in the toilet.” While these posts are always good for a laugh, I can’t help but recognize the need to equip our parents and kids with emotional intelligence, or EQ.

EQ is being able to identify, evaluate, control, and express our emotions—especially key for our young people! Like reading, writing, and math, teaching kids how to identify emotions as temporary and recognize how feelings affect them, is a powerful tool!

Resiliency is overcoming difficulty, but not at the cost of ignoring or downplaying it! Resiliency isn’t a 100% success rate, it’s knowing that in failure, future success is still possible. We call this failing forward or being “free to fail”.

We know girls can feel chained by the expectation of perfection. We also see that kids today are driven by a need to achieve. For so many girls, the fear of failure is what keeps them from trying in the first place. But when a girl’s natural curiosity for the world around her is fostered at home, church, her AHG Troop, and school, she is more likely to courageously dive in and try new things without fear of failure.
We know that failure is an inevitable factor in life. So often parents are inclined to protect their children from failure at all costs. But as Dr. Tim Elmore of the Growing Leaders Ministry puts it, in protecting our children from all failure, we aren’t preparing them for life. It’s in making space for failure that we give them a framework for adulting in the real world.

By incorporating chances to take risks and try without fear of failure, girls are actually able to fail forward. A girl is left feeling capable and empowered, not because of what she accomplished, but because she knows that her accomplishments (or failures) don’t define her—God does.

I pray you find this resource life-giving in your Christ-honoring, counter-cultural parenting journey.

In Christ,
Patti Garibay
Founder & Executive Director of American Heritage Girls
Host of the Raising Godly Girls Minute & the Raising Godly Girls Podcast

PS: Raising Godly Girls® is a culmination of nearly 30 years of building women of integrity through American Heritage Girls® (AHG), the premier character and leadership development program for girls 5 to 18. Whether you’re a parent, a pastor, an educator, or a volunteer for a youth-serving organization like AHG, this guide is for you. If you like what you read here, be sure to visit us online and learn more about empowering girls through the love of God at raisinggodlygirls.com.





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