Why You Should Allow Your Daughter to Fail


Does your daughter feel free to fail? We know girls can feel chained by the expectation of perfection. We also see that kids today are driven by a need to achieve. For so many girls, the fear of failure is what keeps them from trying in the first place.

Do you foster your daughter’s curiosity? When a girl’s natural curiosity for the world around her is fostered at home, she is more likely to courageously dive in and try new things without fear of failure. Your home should be a space where she can learn to take risks and fail forward—meaning if things don’t go her way, she can bounce back instead of fall apart.

Letting your daughter learn the valuable lesson of resiliency at a young age is one of the best gifts you can give her in adulthood. By raising a curious and perseverant girl, you are in-turn raising a daring and determined young woman of integrity.

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  1. The research on this subject is very interesting! A professor from Stanford has done work on Growth Mindset, which was mentioned briefly in the book “How Children Succeed” by Paul Tough, as well as the research of Angela Duckworth on the power of grit. Here’s a short clip from her TedEX talk https://youtu.be/H14bBuluwB8. I think this is why so many millennials have trouble performing what’s expected of them without accolades.

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