Teaching Young Girls How to Take the Lead

Your girl, no matter her age, is a leader in her own way. Whether she loves playing teacher or she’s acting out business meetings with her dolls, chances are, there’s a leader in her just waiting to be developed! Project management skills might not be something you’re thinking about instilling in your young girl, but it could be time to start.

The simplest way to teach project management skills? A good old-fashioned lemonade stand! There is great value in guiding a girl to learn the importance of preparation and follow-through even at a young age. Responsibility is a character trait that every girl can learn!

Give her the reigns on everything from creating the signage to writing the grocery list. She’ll learn the value of budgeting and how to plan ahead. She’ll inevitably forget something on the list, and that’s okay! Sometimes, projects go off the rails, it’s how she persists and gracefully recovers that will show her just how capable she is.

Looking for a way to encourage your daughter in her role as a leader? Consider joining a local American Heritage Girls Troop! Find a Troop in your community here.

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:


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