Ruining the Rumor Mill: Raising Your Girl Not to Gossip

Christian Parenting advice on gossip and runing the rumor mill
Has your daughter ever rushed over to share a rumor with you, that she heard swirling about a friend? Or even a rumor she heard about herself?

We know that gossip is toxic and can make your girl question the truth about herself and others. It creates a breeding ground for shame and doubt by tearing down her self-esteem. In First Thessalonians, Paul says, “… encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

If you happen to hear your girl gossiping, redirect her to what God says about his girls, written in His word. teach her to counter every rumor with the beautiful truth of his love and grace for all of His daughters.

Remind her: spreading rumors causes pain, but spreading “Good News” about God and others, is healing to the soul.

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:


3 responses to “Ruining the Rumor Mill: Raising Your Girl Not to Gossip

  1. I have 3 teenage girls and I just started reading the Bible the last 4 years but have a lot to learn. I have been looking for a bible studies group for my girls or something that will help us direct them closer to God. We have been going to church for the last 25 years every Sunday but one hour a week is not enough of course. Help ? Any ideas?

    1. Hi Santha! American Heritage Girls gives girls the safe, all-girl environment to learn who they are and whose they are in Christ. You can find a Troop near you by visiting If a Troop isn’t available in your area, we encourage you to reach out to one of AHG’s Troop Development Coaches!

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