Raising Your Daughter to Respect Life

We live in a day and age where life, in all of its ages and stages, is taken for granted. More than ever before, it is vital to defend the right to life. We are called to be light in the darkness.

While you do your part to stand firmly for life, what are you doing to instill these same values in your daughter? Just think: how many times has your daughter been part of a conversation about life issues? Is she hearing a consistent and convicting pro-life message? It is crucial that your family confront this issue at home.

Start the conversation reminiscing on the precious time she was being knit in the womb. If you can, share ultrasound photographs or memories of hearing her heartbeat for the very first time. If your family celebrates an adoption story, share how God’s hand orchestrated it all. Visit the elderly together. Care for the sick in your community. Showing her the value of humankind, while having conversations about how precious all life is will get the ball rolling.

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:


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  1. It’s great to know the AHG have taken part in the annual Washington DC March for Life! The two article sections below are about some of them participating:
    #1) The girls have two ways to earn the “Respect Life” patch. They can participate in an event that brings attention to respecting life. Or, they can provide a service project for an organization whose mission demonstrates a desire to respect life. An American Heritage Girls group in Alaska give support to Alaska Right to Life and local Crisis Pregnancy centers. American Heritage Girls have also worked with the Catholic Diocese of Arlington in support of the March for Life.” https://www.liveaction.org/news/american-heritage-girls-launches-respect-life-patch-for-pro-life-service/
    #2) Tenderheart in American Heritage Girls Troop VA0325, and Adalyn T. – Girl Member in American Heritage Girls Troop NE0508, join Andy to share their experiences in the 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C., including their favorite things about the March and ways AHG has helped them learn about respecting life. Violet said, “It was great to see how many people come out and march for life. People are excited and they care so much about it.” Adalyn said the most memorable part of the March was, ““All the noises… the people cheering and chanting, the music playing from speakers, musical instruments playing, kids cheering. The sounds were so fun and encouraging and they made it easy to join in.” https://www.kfuo.org/2019/02/01/ch-020119-american-heritage-girls-march-for-life/

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