Raising Your Daughter to Respect Life

We live in a day and age where life, in all of its ages and stages, is taken for granted. More than ever before, it is vital to defend the right to life. We are called to be light in the darkness.

While you do your part to stand firmly for life, what are you doing to instill these same values in your daughter? Just think: how many times has your daughter been part of a conversation about life issues? Is she hearing a consistent and convicting pro-life message? It is crucial that your family confront this issue at home.

Start the conversation reminiscing on the precious time she was being knit in the womb. If you can, share ultrasound photographs or memories of hearing her heartbeat for the very first time. If your family celebrates an adoption story, share how God’s hand orchestrated it all. Visit the elderly together. Care for the sick in your community. Showing her the value of humankind, while having conversations about how precious all life is will get the ball rolling.


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