Media Literacy and Your Girl’s Understanding

Today’s teens are seeking information as engaged global citizens. What a gift to raise girls who care so deeply for the world! But without parental guidance, “research” and “concern” can quickly devolve into accepting half-truths and forming emotionally-charged, factless opinions. To combat false information, teach your girl the skills of critical thinking and media literacy.  

You can guide your girl to being a wise news consumer. Teach her to employ these filters when reading or watching news: Is it true? Who created the content and for what purpose? Does the information honor God and His people? Am I getting all viewpoints? Does the information feed inflammatory emotions in me?  

1 Peter 5:8a says that Biblical wisdom is marked by those who are watchful and sober-minded. Grow your girl into this kind of Godly girl. 

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:


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