Avoiding Overscheduling Your Family


Remember the days when kids used to simply play for hours at a time? It seemed like you were always interrupting a pick-up hockey game when driving down the street! Now, neighborhoods are quiet. Why? The kids are too busy to play!

Today, prescribed activity seems to be the norm for kids. We schedule them to death. Piano, ballet, and sports can begin to cultivate disciplines, but how often can your child stray from the prescribed and move into the creative or impromptu? Does your child have time to truly rest?

The old adage “an idle mind is the devil’s playground” just doesn’t hold up. God tells us to be still, to rest. In fact, He managed to carve out an entire day of rest while creating the universe! There is immense value in allowing your family the opportunity to take one thing off the calendar in order to enjoy life more fully. Say ‘no’ to overscheduling and ‘yes’ to quality time.

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2 responses to “Avoiding Overscheduling Your Family

  1. One of the reasons we chose AHG for our daughter is that it allows our whole family to be involved in one activity at the same place and time. We deliberately chose a troop with a brother Trail Life troop. These organizations are a blessing to all of us. Thanks, AHG!

  2. There are many reasons you see fewer kids playing on the street. Families are sometimes over scheduled but also electronic entertainment is just as much if not more to blame.

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