A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Biblical Worldview


A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Biblical Worldview


When a girl’s identity and her worldview lens are rooted in faith, the Gospel message doesn’t stay neatly tucked in her Bible only to be taken off the shelf each Sunday… it impacts every part of her life! A Biblical Worldview shapes the way she understands herself, her purpose in the world, and how she can influence an unholy world for Christ using the God-given gifts bestowed upon her at the moment of her creation.

Confusion, questioning, and doubt—they are all taking center stage in the daily cultural happenings of society. But with a Biblical Worldview comes a steady, unwavering, and unchanging understanding of Truth. The Raising Godly Girls Guide to Biblical Worldview is a powerful tool in your parenting toolbox as you set out to root your girl in His Word and live a Godly life.

Download this Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender & Identity presented by American Heritage Girls, the premier character and leadership development program for girls ages 5 to 18.

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Can’t wait to dive in?
Enjoy an excerpt from the e-book, a letter from American Heritage Girls Founder & Executive Director and host of the Raising Godly Girls Minute, Patti Garibay:


Dear readers,

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to dive into the Raising Godly Girls Guide to Biblical Worldview. This
volume contains behavioral study findings, practical advice, and Scriptural wisdom, all underscoring
the importance of today’s Christians adopting a Biblical Worldview.

What is a worldview? It is the set of assumptions and beliefs through which one sees the world. If
you believe the Bible is God-breathed, its teachings should inform the way that you view the world.
A Christian will, therefore, think differently than non-Christians, and this will affect every area of their

A May 2021 study sponsored by the Family Research Council and contained in the report “Perceptions
about Biblical Worldview and Its Application” found that only 6% of Americans and 9% of Christian
Americans actually have a Biblical Worldview.

Consider this: Two-thirds of Americans identify as Christian, and the study found that 51% claim to
have a Biblical worldview. But here’s the clincher. Those self-proclaimed Bible believers were asked
specific questions. The researchers found that of those Christians who thought they had a Biblical
Worldview, only 9% got all the questions correct. Clearly the study brought to light the need for
education around the eternal Truths contained in the Bible that are so applicable in today’s world.

• 26% believe the personal accumulation of money and other forms of wealth have been
entrusted to them by God to manage for His purposes.
• [Only] 29% believe that the best indicator of success in life is consistent obedience to God.
• [Only] 33% believe that human beings are born with a sinful nature and can only be saved
from the consequences of sin by Jesus Christ.
• [Only] 47% believe that when they die, they will go to Heaven only because they have
confessed their sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.
• [Only] 48% believe that it is very important for their religious faith to influence every
dimension of life.
• [Only] 49% say that their most likely source of moral guidance in any given situation would be
the Bible.
• [A whopping] 49% accept reincarnation as a possibility after they die.

Raising Godly Girls is committed to coming alongside parents and the Church to underscore a Biblical
Worldview and the need for it. As you dig into Scripture, we pray that you find the pages of this book,
along with the Raising Godly Girls blog and daily radio feature, aid you with your efforts and provide
some comfort and encouragement during the journey. Remember: This is a marathon, not a sprint—
so take heart and commit to the long haul. Our journey together will, little by little, bring Christ’s
Kingdom from heaven down to earth. We’re praying for you and cheering you on as you continue to
root your girl in His timeless Truths.

May you be blessed by His enduring love,
Patti Garibay
Founder & Executive Director of American Heritage Girls
Host of the Raising Godly Girls Minute





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