Speaking the Truth in Love

Girls today are empowered to speak their minds and stay true to themselves—what a blessing that is! But in a culture that seems to thrive off of people tearing one another down, how do we instill a sense of respect in our girls?

Everyone is welcome to have opinions, and we live in a country that celebrates the freedom to express them. But it’s important to show our girls that there is a way to deliver our opinions without disrespecting or hurting others. Christ instructs each of us to love our neighbor as ourselves—and that includes our neighbors with different beliefs.

Recognizing the dignity of others is needed in today’s rocky culture more than ever. Start at home. Next time you and your girl disagree, be careful not to dismiss her opinions. Rather, listen, speak the truth in love to her, and when necessary, refer to the model of Biblical conflict resolution laid out in Matthew’s gospel.

Listen to the Raising Godly Girls Minute with Patti Garibay:

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